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The idea behind this page is to say thank you to everyone involved in my DJ career. The Influences and just nice people who deserve a mention. As always with these ideas you leave someone out! Obviously not intentional, but, it is just a age thing, lol!

So if I have, I will apologise now. Just drop me a line and you'll be added in the blink of an eye.

My fiancée, my biggest supporter and my harshest critic. Who’s musical knowledge is nearly as good as mine!

The best set designer and pal a DJ could ever have.

AH Barnes (AKA Barney)
Witty, critical but loves me really, although, I do play 70s disco to wind him up, top guy.

Steve “The Adj” Atherton
Behind every Gig set up is a person who makes it happen and Adj is the man.

Tina “Shady lady” Street
She has been putting up with me asking her what she thought of the night for the last 25 years, lol.
And, like Julie she knows her music.

Alison Bell
Brilliant PR girl, gave me my break and return to Djing at Bop Local

Phil Beckett & Tom O'Toole
2 lads still keeping it real and the owners of Bop Local
Phil Beckett – the Man the DJ who can make me get up from watching the TV on cold winters night have a wash and get out to dance

Les Cockell (RIP)
Perhaps one of my biggest influences.
Les was one of the original Northern Soul DJs who moved on to the Gay scene in Manchester in the early 80s.
This lad was mixing in singles while the Hacienda was still a Yacht showroom, I still have cassettes of his live mixes in a club called Hero’s on Deansgate from 1982!

808 State DJs Darren and Andy
My fav DJs and Legends.

Eric Barker
The original Freaky Dancer

John Mayo
Gave me my first break on the big club circuit.

Alan Maskell and Dave Booth
Manchester DJ Legends.

Dave Haslem, Mike Pickering and Graham Park
The Legends continue.

Tin Tin
New Order DJ and proud to say gave him his chance at DJing back in the day.

Mark Smith
Bop Local anchor and brilliant to work with.

Happy Manchester   Big Thanks to Tracey and Chris Donnelly for keeping the faith.

Mike-Sweeney Not forgetting Mike Sweeney - Manc legend, DJ and Salford Jets front man.

And finally …….Simon Parker
A DJ that is still doing it after 25 years! Preaching the new and savaging the old.


Clubs and Club Managers
Mecca 2000
Wigan Pier
Stuffed Olives (Now South)
Hero’s Deansgate now V Club - Phil Clegg
Deville’s - Jeff “Bubbles” Bibby
Lazy Lils - Jack
Manhattan- Dennis and Peter
42nd Street
The Hacienda
And the best club and manager - The Venue - Paul.

Photograph Credits
Debbie Turner
Elspeth Moor
Karin Albinsson
And whoever took them of me in the early days of mobile!!