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Emperor who?

I think it was about May 1970 at the Formby Hall in Atherton when I saw Emperor Rosko. Being a great fan I was in awe of him but I did leave the gig thinking “I can do better than that” [laughs]. Nothing personal Emperor!

It was not my first attempt into music, I did try the guitar but my efforts were not as good as playing the tennis racket in front on the bedroom mirror doing what was the first karaoke and air guitar combination. Jimmy Page was lucky I never made it into a band! [laughs].

I think I’ve been very lucky. Like all music lovers of a similar age, I have had the privilege to experience and be a part of so many genres of music and fashion.

We were born at the right time

From my first gig at Tyldesley Labour club (circa 1979) to guest at the Hacienda, courtesy of Dave Haslem. I did and still do love it all.

The in-between bits are everything from mobile disco, Leisure 2000, Mecca Ballrooms, Deville’s, Lazy Lills, Manhattan, Stuffed Olives, 42nd Street, Wigan Pier and the of course the best, The Venue next door to the Hacienda.

The book will be coming soon [laughs].